The Chiefs of the University Police Department and Gainesville Police Department have committed with city and university leadership to review use of force policies, report their findings to the community, institute needed reforms and engage the community by including a diverse range of input and experiences.

Lead: Vice President Curtis Reynolds

An external auditing firm will be contracted to review policies, practices, and procedures in accordance with nationally recognized effective practices within the University Police Department.

  • Goal for completion: The 2021-22 academic year
The university’s leadership is charged with acting within state and federal laws, to intensify our efforts in recruiting, supporting and retaining our students, faculty and employees of color, particularly Black students, faculty and staff. (cont.)

To promote transparency and accountability, we will publish by department and college the race, ethnicity and gender trends for faculty, staff and students.

Lead: Chief Diversity Officer Antonio Farias

University policies, practices and procedures pertaining to talent recruiting, developing, training, and advancing will be analyzed, evaluated, and informed by data and national benchmarking. An initial diversity scorecard was created in August 2020, and a college by college scorecard is being developed. In addition, the UF Board of Trustees has asked for an equity scorecard, to be discussed at the December 2020 board meeting.

  • Goal for completion: The 2021-22 academic year
UF will redouble efforts to support local small businesses and vendor diversity.

Lead: Vice President Curtis Reynolds

Efforts have been underway and will continue to increase business opportunities with local small business enterprises. Existing programs within the Office of Small Business and Vendor Diversity will be enhanced. This will also assist local community vendors in gaining access to the buying power of the university.

UF will work with East Gainesville community leaders and residents to develop specific and sustainable programs and activities that will contribute to improving the community’s educational and economic well-being.

Leads: Vice President D’Andra Mull and Vice President Charlie Lane

Members of the university across a wide spectrum of offices and colleges have been discussing ways to create tangible educational and wealth generation strategies that are sustainable and in equal partnership with a broad network of Gainesville community leaders and residents.

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